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7 cup kitchenaid food processor

does any one have the 7 cup kitchen aid food processor i would like some opinons on it does it do a good job on small amounts like a half onion and what is the largest amount it will do thanks very much i am looking for one that will the most and will still do a good job for a small amount i dont wont one that has two or three different size bowls with it cause when you use it you still have to wash the whole thing

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Re: 7 cup kitchenaid food processor

I just purchased the 7 cup easy storage Kitchen Aid food processor.  I want recipies for making yeast rolls and other dishes.  Is there a book I can get with recipies?

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Re: 7 cup kitchenaid food processor

Why don't you ask Tina V.(rep) on her facebook page? I've seen a few cookbooks for the food processor on line and at BBB.