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I saw this pot presented last Sunday and am considering buying it, mainly for pasta and steaming, but had a question. The fact that cooking pasta seems to be the main benefit with this pot, I just wondered about the amount of water that can fit in the pot. I know it's an 11-cup capacity but of course you couldn't fill it with 11 cups since you need to have room for the box of pasta.

So my question is - don't you normally need to cook pasta in a lot of water, so that it has ample room to move around in the boiling water? Yet with this pot, the pasta would be confined to the insert and you certainly couldn't cook the pasta in 3 quarts (or more) of water. So does that matter? Would there be any difference in pasta cooked this way vs. a large stockpot?

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There's nothing that says you have to use LOTS of water to cook pasta. You need enough boiling water to both cover the pasta and soak in. If you use water equal to about 3 times the pasta, you'll be fine. For example, if you're cooking 2 cups of rotini, use about 6 cups of water.

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If there is not enough water in the pot you are cooking the pasta in the pasta gets very starchy tasting which is not good
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It is great for large batches of tea using tea leaves in a hanging tea strainer.

The stainless steel pot with the glass cover keeps the Tea really hot.

I also use it with the basket insert for franks, asparagus, hard boiled eggs, small veggies like brussel sprouts, and for very small quantities of tiny pasta in soup broth, but for large amounts of pasta I prefer a deep large pot which accommodates a lot of rolling constantly moving water, so the pasta moves freely.

This ensures the pasta will not end up being clumped together if cooked in a vessel which does not allow ample room.