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@esmerelda wrote:

I think the last figures I saw gold is more expensive than platinum.

As of today, platinum is $808.00/ounce.


Gold is $1,205.00/ounce. 

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The problem with jewelry that is 'clad' or coated with platinum or gold is that the layer of the coating is thin.  Over time,  the 'clad' layer will wear and the underlying metal will become exposed.   If it's platinum clad or gold clad over sterling.... then the sterling can tarnish.   Clad or coated jewelry is almost impossible to polish and remove tarnish that appears.   Prongs are most likely to show the tarnish, along witht he backs of rings.   Rings and bracelet show more wear than earrings.


If white gold is platinum plated or clad and the platinum wears off,  the white gold might not look as bright,  but it won't tarnish.   If yellow gold is plated or clad and a platinum layer wears off,  you will see the yellow color.


Most coated or clad jewelry uses marketing terms to describe the layering process.   With the exception of vermeil,  I do not believe there are any laws or standards governing the definition of how thick the coating must be.  In addition,  the process used to prepare and coat the metal can be very important in determining how well it will hold up in real life.  

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I shop at Diamonds Direct.  Anytime I ask, they dip my rings in rhodium to make them look new.  My jeweler told me it costs approximately 4 cents for them to provide this service.  

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What they phased out was Epiphany.  Personally I think this was an inferior "platinum" process.  Two rings I bought scratched badly and I never bought more.  The generic platinum clad I have bought many pieces of, from all networks.  None has scratched yet, or tarnished for that matter.

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I've always been a white gold girl, but it's been too far over my budget for years now. Can't wear SS so was thrilled when the platinum clad "Ephipany" was introduced. I know there is quite an inventory of platinum clad, but also think that they are introducing fewer platinum clad items. I see many pieces that I would like but they are in SS. Put more out in platinum clad and I'll buy more. 

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I can't imagine they would do that.  The platium clad is widely used to protect and keep the silver from tarnishing.  Pretty much all silver is now rhodium plated for this reason.  I normally won't even touch of piece of silver if it's not.  I think many people feel the same.