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as my title states my cp order from amazon came today.

twilight charm; pretty, the color is not what i thought it would be; it looks like the stones has some bubbles in it but it is still a keeper. i am not sad anymore that i lost out on the twilight bracelet on the q

reversible turquoise and lapis charm; the attention to detail is amazing on cp charms .

plazuela ring; it really matches the twilight charm; it is gorgeous with the peridot charm

variscite dragonfly ring is gorgeous; it matches the vb dragon fly pendant i got in last week. it will go with the vb coil bracelet; it will be worn a lot during the summer

purple color connection bracelet to add to the necklace; beautiful.

finally...... the sterling silver multi gemstone double strand naja station necklace,...

It was heavy just getting it out of the pouch. The colors of the stones is unbelievable. however, my only complaint is I do not think the extension is thick enough to hold the necklace. It is quite a bit lighter than the necklace. i will keep my receipt just in case i have problems with the necklace and need to send it back.

now I have more boxes to add to my night stand drawer. i really do not think i could put any more boxes in that drawer.