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several of the models wear this silver long fringe necklace. jackie has worn it several times. i have found a similar one on qvc, but it is much smaller than this one, and of course the big one is more stunning!  i can't seem to find it anywhere on your site and i want one so bad!!! also some of the jewelry lori goldstein wears is fabulous yet i can't find that either!!   please point me in right direction

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I think I know the one your referring to. Is it a triangular large faux crystal/diamond looking necklace?  If so, think it was Logo but can't find it - may be gone. 

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Try ebay and poshmark for Lori's necklaces, quite a few of them are listed on those sites.

I purchased this one when it was on clearance here, and it is listed on ebay:

QVC LOGO Lavish Links by Lori Goldstein Art Deco Estate Necklace $317 - Picture 1 of 3

Also, I believe Lori said she is going to be having jewelry again soon!