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looking for chunky charm necklaces from texas??

i am looking for a necklace but don't the name of it. i admired it on a woman

who said it was the "rage" in texas! i fell in love with it and assumed i would

be able to find them on line. it was a larger type link chain necklace that you

could hang adorable 1inch size lobster clasped charms on. these charms were

good sized pearls, fleur d lis and such. if you werent in a pearl mood she said

she took those off and replaced them with different types of turquoise! it was

very very boutique looking. since she said it was a rage i thought i would be able

to find them everywhere. i live in CA and i have never seen this type of

chain nor this type of charm. any ideas girls? i know you will help me find them.