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anyone ever listen to jay king. He is very good information about gems and know a lot. enjoy watching.

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His shows are very informative and also entertaining. He has an infectious smile and tinkle in his eyes. He tells some interesting mining stories. He would be fun to have at a dinner party. Sometimes he gets so "overloaded" that he can't complete a full sentence. Smiley Happy

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Been watching and listening to this man for years.  I have pieces of his turquoise and other beautiful gem bracelets...he does quality silverwork and some unique designs....

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Love him! So informative and all the pieces I've purchased have been SO beautiful. I fell for his TSV yesterday (anybody else?).Q does not have any jewelry shows like this. I enjoy all the different stones and the stories of where they came from and how he found them and brought them back. Interesting fella!

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I have a ton of his older beads with big pendants in a variety of interesting stones, which I never wear.  I've never bought his turquoise because I'm a turquoise snob and know junk when I see it.  I do enjoy listening to his stories and usually tune in for a little while when he's on the air.  I rarely buy anything because I've already got more than enough.

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I bought a couple of his turq bead necklaces and will decide when I get them if I will keep either one, but the price wa so good, I couldn't resist. I would LOVE  sleeping beauty beads but won't pay the hundreds of $$ they cost. --but I can't listen to him very long ---makes me want to nudge him to keep him talking-----

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I like him personally but his stuttering drives me crazy. I just can't listem.