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Whatever happened to your selection of clipon earrings?  I miss that selection very much.  

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Hi @tRIXIE take a look at the clip on's we offer


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So true, @tRIXIE .  Welcome to the forums.


Macy's has a good selection and great sale prices. Boscov's sells nickel-free clipons.

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Welcome @tRIXIE . Hope to see your threads on other forums, too.


So many people have multiple piercings today, you're correct that clipons are more dificult to find.

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I am so glad I purchased clip-on earrings from Judith Ripka's line, when she so prolifically designed them for QVC. Nobody did them better than Judith. Judith, herself, wore clip-on earrings, and I was thrilled when she began to make them for her customers at QVC, too.