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Yo! - 5/24/14/ - Jamestown, VA est. by English, 1607

Good morning and happy Saturday to us all.

Cool and overcast with the possibility of showers later today. Certainly not beach weather which makes it a great thing that Philly has no beaches!

The past week was exhausting, with all the components from the primary election and working at the polls mixed together. DS#2 has done non-stop campaigning which put additional stresses on caregiving. Tuesday was a pitiful show of voters coming out, but the day lasted 14 hours anyway. Tuesday was DS#2 custody time and DTGD came to me to sleep over as DS was involved in election results. DTGD was so happy and chatty to come to me, so that buoyed my energy level to muddle through cooking her food, bathing, story and bed, which I was shocked that she went so willingly. I was toast by the time I got my dinner at 10pm, with DH, who is Judge of Elections, wandering in at almost 11pm. What a day!

Waterbaby - I just happened to glance at a thread where you said you sold off most of your Ripka jewelry. I hope it didn't include your magnificent turq which you wore when I met you at the store. You sound very at peace with your decision and, therefore, I am very happy for you. I hope you continue to "hang" at the Forum.

Pepper - I also caught that you had foot surgery. My very best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery to you.

Off to the paper and some tea.

Make it a great day!