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Remember Yàacov Heller? His designers were whimsical. I purchase his cherub pin/pendant over 15 years ago.His designs also included a lion,rose, etc.Check eBay.Mr. Heller is also a sculptor, and he stills designs.To bad another good designer got away.
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thxs Gracie. i own the rose pin. always wanted the lion. checking out the bay.

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I LOVE pins and brooches. I wear on on my lapel or sweater every chance I get! This man's name is unfamiliar to me, but I'll certainly go check him out on the Bay. I've never bought anything on ebay; not sure about it, always afraid what I might buy might not be as represented. Everyone else seems to get things there all the time. Maybe I should get over my trepidation.

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YES, I remember this designer and the wonderful Silver Designer (spectacular) Show they had years ago. I bought three or four of YH's sculpted magnetic glasses holder brooches and gifted some of them. I still have the rose design.

It was the show that included Robert Shields (formerly of TV famed act Shields and Yarnell) (I have many of his pieces), and also Michael Michaud who made jewelry which was inspire by nature. I think Angela Cummings (former Tiffany designer) was in this group of designers also.

I wish QVC would do this again and bring them back and bring some new designers in also.