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Hi I need help,I cannot find the wrist assist on any of the cuff bracelets? Can someone tell me the sizes on cuff small,average and large? And do they all run this way on all cuffs ? Thank you.
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Hi Melting, I can only help you with the size of the small cuffs - if your wrist is 6" or less you should be fine in a small. On the whole they are pretty consistent (although Judith's smalls are smaller than most of the other designers on QVC - perfect for me) - every now and then you will find one runs a tad larger - mainly her Aurora cuffs. I know from experience with Michael Dawkins, Carolyn Pollack, Honora and Barbara Bixby - their size small is bigger than Judith's - they spin more on me. This is my opinion - maybe others have had different experiences. HTH

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I agree with kiwi; when my wrist was 6.25 inches Judith's small cuffs were just a little too tight for comfort and I had to go with the average size, which fit my wrist more like a bangle. I lost weight and now my wrist is exactly 6 inches. Her small cuffs fit like a true cuff: hugs but doesn't squeeze the life out of my wrist. I wouldn't want it any tighter though. I'm not sure at what wrist size a person needs to go with a large. Maybe someone else can speak to the average to large issue.
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MELTING: My wrist is a 6 inch and all my JR cuffs are Average and I like the way they fit with some room. In her linked bracelets I get the Small, as I do not like it to drape. Some of her cuffs run bigger and some smaller.