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Why do we buy at QVC? We are not thinking it through....

Just thinking....We all buy here at the Q. I have been buying for a long time. However, QVC has

1. The highest shipping prices of all the shopping channels;

2. Their refunds take the longest;

3. Shipping time takes the longest (at least in my area);

4. Easy pay is unpredictable & far and few between (Another shopping channel offers 6 value pays on EVERYTHING in their inventory every other week);

5. Sephora/Ulta offer free shipping everyday over $50. Shipping is some times free at Ulta with just $25. And I never get charged tax either.

6. They NEVER offer coupon codes or discounts

7. By the time you add up the tax and shipping charge, any discount they're giving has been eaten up.

Just wondering if someone can explain the phenomanom to me why I keep buying here when I pay more and there are thousands of other places to buy for less! Its not like I love the hosts...their are quite a few that I have to turn off.