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Where was Scott Grimes today?

I have really been enjoying his shows on QVC2 each Tuesday afternoon.  I rushed home from work to see today's show, but there was a Diamonique show on QVC 2 at 4:00.  What happened?  Scott made a big deal about this time slot.

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Re: Where was Scott Grimes today?

I don't know, I don't follow him or the line.  But he posted the following earlier today, so you can check his social media pages for entire post and photo..



Please mark your calendars and join me on Wednesday, 10/19 at 1pm ET and again on Friday, 10/21 at 10am & 7pm ET for the debut of 22 brand new designs including a BIG DEAL you are going to ❤️.


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Re: Where was Scott Grimes today?

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It seems we're down to only a few jewelers...especially silver designers. I'm finding JAI quite repetitive and nothing new i'm interested in purchasing. 


The box chain and similar designs need to go and come up with something else new and move on.


Even Yurman's famous cable cuffs and jewelry have evolved into other styles.  


Rant over.

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Re: Where was Scott Grimes today?

About a week ago he posted (on Instagram) a teaser for some heart shaped gemstones which, if I recall correctly, are part of a TSV or BD.  No date was given though.

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Re: Where was Scott Grimes today?

I seem to remember in the old days that the schedule gets completely upended during the Christmas selling season.  And that schedule gets longer every year.