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What were they thinking re' Nadri?

He is the only, only, only vendor that has real cocktail Christmas jewelry and they wait until the 7th of December for his show, at 1 a.m., when everyone is asleep. I have two luncheons this week where I could wear this had I had it before now. I have a dinner party Friday night, going to Nutcracker on Sunday and after that, my Christmas partying is over except for the things where we go quite casual, visiting the nursing homes, Sunday School, etc.

I would have LOVED to have had that wreath for my party this Friday night. Alas, no such luck. Who is doing the thinking on this, the former wal-Mart guy? They are using the same rationale with Nadri that they used with Linea. Nadri jewelry is the epitome of holiday jewelry, not even KJL equals it.

I could cry when I saw that beautiful wreath thinking how lovely it would be on my black velvet jacket with my ivory silk shantung cigarette pants for this weekend. Grrrrrr....