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Will the watch storage chest come back? In need!
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I get wonderful 20 slot watch boxes on eBay from a company called Acetimer. They're usually around $35-$45 and a leather-looking with a glass top.
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Have you tried your local Bed Bath and Beyond .... or on their website?

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HSN has watch boxes....look under Colleens Prestige Jewelry boxes #156-905 and they are tarnish resistant too.

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Hi Di2026, I have 2 of Judith's watch boxes. They are wonderful!!! I hope that they come back again for you. You might go to her QVC blog and put your request on there. I'm sure her assistant reads that.

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Interesting. I've never heard of such a thing, but could use one too!
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I was looking for one of these yesterday. I wanted to free up a drawer in my jewelry box for necklaces. I don't have a collection of watches but I have a few. I didn't want anything too big but I preferred to have one that had ten slots so I could have a few empty slots for future purchases. I checked Hsn and QVC on line. There are quite a few on line. I found some of the same items online at Kohl's and on sale. I also looked at Bed & Bath. I ended up getting one from Kohl's because it was the best deal. It will serve the purpose but I really wanted one that had the safe keep lining and no glass top. Lori Grenier seems to be expanding that line so maybe she will have something in the future. I'm pleased with the one I'm getting from Kohl's and it will solve my current storage problem.