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@jenagal  The only Seiko watch I have is an old quartz one that was my work watch for many years because it has a sapphire crystal.  I can't tell you how many crystals on cheapie watches I ruined whacking them on things & scraping them against abrasive surfaces.  I bought the Seiko at Costco in 1995 or so for $165 (it was a splurge at the time) & it was my only watch until I retired in 2006 & though it has a dead battery right now, it's been a great watch.  Of course, it's a smaller watch than what I wear these days at about 28mm.


All I've worn for the past year or two is my Citizen Eco-Drives.  Since that defective one (A Corso) got replaced about a year ago, I've had no trouble with any of them.  I read somewhere that the batteries in Citizen Eco-Drives generally last baout 10 years or so before they need replacement.  I think you can get the replacements on Amazon, so i guess I'll cross that bridge when I get there! 


I feel bad that I have so many dead watches sitting there.  It will cost a dang fortune to replace all the batteries.  Plus, the jeweler I'd been using for years started charging $25 to replace a battery & that's way too much, especially given how many watches I have.  It's easier to just reach for my Eco-Drives!