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Vicenza Style Show

Watching show this morning & wandered why pieces of jewelry were being referred to as "she" & "her"?

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Re: Vicenza Style Show

I suspect humanizing things makes them seem more attractive to many people.  I have my local news running as I sit here and just heard one anchor report that more than 50% of people name their cars.  I know some who do that, but I never imagined so many do.


I'm not buying jewelry whether the necklace is an "it" or a "she."  All I have to do is stay out of jewelry departments!  They're more dangerous for me than the shopping channels.

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Re: Vicenza Style Show

i think it's the "in" thing -  have seen it with handbag presentations, Logo presentations, Amy, etc.   i think it's in vogue - and not anything thought out.  it's a little precious for me, however.