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Haven't worn a watch since my first husband died, about 18 years ago.

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I wear a watch daily, most of mine are Eclissi.

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I have had a lifelong affair with watches. Quality by far supersedes quantity. My current favorite is a Movado with a mop classic museum dial with small diamonds around the top of case. 

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i recently retired a beloved watch that i have worn for many years, because it was starting to feel too heavy and too big.  i searched for a long time to find a replacement, and nothing spoke to me like that one.   i ended up with a small timex that is serving me well.  

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I still have a Timex that always took a licking and always kept ticking. It was my high school graduation present in 1967. I wind it up now and then and it still runs.

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My first good watch was a 14k White  gold Bulova that I received for my 8th grade graduation in 1968. I still have it and still wear that watch.


From there I started to collect watches.  All of mine are 14k mechanical watches.  I have white, yellow and rose gold.  The watch bands are. 14k as well.


I Inherited my mother's Longines 14K watch.


My daughter bought me a battery operated Seiko that I have worn for many years as an everyday watch.  I hate to replace the batteries...I prefer mechanical watches.


A few years ago, I bought an Invicta watch that self winds.  it is a big watch and is heavy. I wear it occasionally.


In all, I probably have about 35 watches and the majority are vintage.  Lately, I have added a few Hamilton watches to my collection.  I want the ones that were made here in a Lancaster, PA.



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I have a men's Timex which I've had for several years. I like a biger watch for myself.

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Citizen's EcoDrive. Love not having to worry about batteries.

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I'm on my second in 10 years of Judith Ripka.  The last person that changed the battery in #1 damaged the workings.

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@Dinaki   I wear my Tag almost every day. I have several others...Timex, Fossil, etc. I changed the bands to black and red leather. I have a Rolex on an electric winder. I'll probably sell that one. I never wear it.