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I like the black velvet neck chokers, of old I guess. They always looked so dressy to me. I don't wear that sort of thing, but it was like an addition to a dressy evening black long dress. I must have seen someone wear that all together. Don't know when or where, but I still like black velvet neck chokers.

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You ladies are bringing back memories talking about when chokers were the thing back in the day. They looked so smart with those little Chanel-style suits. I still have a pearl choker that I wear occasionally and a few simple gold ones that look good with a short sleeve linen suit in summer.  But as for being my go-to style pieces, no, not really. I think they are classics that will never really go out of style, though. 

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I wore chokers in my 20's. .....anyone 40 plus it would look ridiculous! 

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When I was 20 they looked nice but now my neck is too fat for one and I find long chains much more flattering and slimming - and they kinda look funny if you are over 40 -

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Prior to my thyroid condition I didn't mind them.  My thyroid doesn't like being embraced by anything these days.

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Dear lolakimono,

Thank you for the pictures.

I love chokers that "choke", I am not suicidal, but they have to hug my neck otherwise they are not flattering.

I rather wear a 15 inch necklace that something that does not stay put when it should. Believe me it is like the Goldilocks principle🌻

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Dear Kachina624,

You are right however I have this kind of neck and also tension headaches because of my bad posture...and it is difficult to find a chocker that stays put🌻

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I love them, I have a tiny neck (12") and I like my necklaces higher around my neck. 

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I love a 16 inch fine chain. It nestles somewhere at the base of the neck, a great place for a small pendant or I wear it by itself in the summer. 


A chocker on a less than perfect, unlined, tight skinned neck would draw attention to those flaws.