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@customerqvc2 wrote:

I got both the canary and the pink.  i love the soft yellow of the canary and will definitely wear it often.  The pink turned out to be a buble gum pink and that wasn't what I expected at all.  The more I looked at it, the more I wished for a pale pink instead.  So, I decided to try for an exchange for the black.

I have a real yellow sapphire.  But I didn't order the ring.  From the picture it looks pretty close.  The blue does not look like my blues.  I also have one bubble gum pink sapphire (I collect them) It's least a natural one one does.  I have another kind of pink with some red in it.  And of course I have rubies.

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I thought the same thing while watching her presentation yesterday.  The blue stone ring was to my eyes the most glassy looking, but the others as well, with the possible exception of the clear choice.  Just like junky glass.  Can't imagine these gaining 5 star reviews.  


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Re: The Amy sapphire ring

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If you read the description of the blue ring carefully, you'll see that it says the blue stone is 'simulated sapphire' and there's no mention of it being a DMQ stone as it says for the side stones. To me that means the blue stone is not cz and is something else...most likely glass...what else could it be?


The other four center stones (clear, yellow, pink and black) are all described as being DMQ. That blue stone isn't DMQ but the side stones are.

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I have been researching lab grown sapphires for a nice blue.  I'd rather buy a lab grown than a natural, (and let them treat it till it is no longer a sapphire).  I want a beautiful blue one (most expensive).  If I can't afford a nice lab grown blue, I'll settle for a fancy color of canary or pink!  No simulated for me.  I'd rather not have anything that is been heavily treated or mimicked.



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@depglass wrote:

I got my blue sapphire ring yesterday and I'm happy with it.  It is the color I was hoping for, if it isn't that of a real sapphire I guess I'll have to wait until I win the lottery for that one.  If it is glass and chips it will go back as I am not gentle on rings I wear every day.  And the price is great, I think QVC is feeling downward pricing pressure from Shop LC and JTV.  



I got the canary version, which is stunning, so I took a flyer on the blue version, too. Mine is lovely with fire, not glassy looking at all. I'm pleased.