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I received my TSV 118 facet tennis bracelet in the silver a few days ago and it's going back.

For those who received a sparkling faceted bracelet, enjoy it!! {#emotions_dlg.thumbup1}

Mine had zero sparkle and the stones looked like sheer glass. No faceting at all in the stones.

Back she goes.

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I'm so sorry to hear that yours was a dud. I always wonder how in the heck this can happen when they are man made CZs (there's a control aspect to this) and held to being manufactured to a certain standard (and Diamonique, which is higher than average). But I'd send it back too if mine had come with no sparkle and looked like glass.... {#emotions_dlg.sad}

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If it was sitting out in the cold, it can look like that "at first blush" until it warms up---just sayin'.....mine was sitting out in the freezing cold all day and when it warmed up---simply dazzling!

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Q42: I agree. I don't understand how some pieces hit the mark and others fall flat. There is supposed to be quality control.

Not on my bracelet. It fell flat.

Sheesh: It wasn't sitting out in the cold. It was hand delivered to me in L.A.

I received it three days ago. The stones were flat from the day of delivery up to the present.

The stones didn't need ""warming up"". They're just dead.

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I am glad I passed. I did order the quilted navy watch though and I love it.

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I'm sorry your bracelet was not up to par. Really I didn't know what to expect but I guess I got lucky. Mine is a dazzler. Wow, there is no way I COULD send mine back. Another Ripka winner. ...also I don't wear bracelets everyday, but this one gets worn daily, beside the pave DMQ cuff in SS. (J294207). The YG clad is still on waitlist. J294208.
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If you love the style, why not try for an exchange?

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ONEANDONE: I read some of the reviews and many were stating the clasp did not work and no sparkle in the stones. Oh well, the quality control is lacking; too bad. That was one I was considering to get; I thought it would pair well with the ice cube bracelet. I will stay away from this choice. Thank you for another honest review! {#emotions_dlg.tt1}{#emotions_dlg.tt1}

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I really like mine! So glad I ordered it!

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Oh my goodness, I love, love this bracelet. I purchased it in the gold clad. My first peice from this line. I was on the fence because of the cost. I have never paid this much for Costume Jewelry. However I have not been able to stop looking at this bracelet. It is beyond stunning, the detail and sparkle and weight. I love how it sits up a bit giving a magnificent profile. Now I get what all you Ripkanistas are talking about. Needless to say I am keeping it. Now you know what, I went an ordered the Gold Clad Rolling Bracelet. I also had purchased the Drop Necklace when I purchased the TSV bracelet and I love that too. I just wish it adjusted to 16" but I will be keeping it. I was so afraid if I got one peice I would be hooked and darn it I was right. I think I love this Bracelet better than any gold bracelet I ever purchased. This is so pretty. Anyway just thought I would share and I guess I have now jumped on the Ripka Train here in Georgia. Here 10 months now and loving it. Merry Christmas Everyone!