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Re: Sterling silver David Yerman bracelet question



Around 1990 or 91, Neiman Marcus first advertized David Yurman's black onyx ring with gold in a multi-page catalog.  When I spotted that ring, knew I had to have one, so made a mad dash to Neiman's that weekend.  When purchased, the gold, which was a complement to the silver, was indeed 18k gold.  It so stated when I purchased the ring and said nothing about it being overlay or vermeil or another like process.  The sales person at the Neiman's Union Square in S.F. told me it was 18k gold.  I've worn that ring I don't know how many times over the years and it still look brand new. 


However, the purchase was  made 28 years ago.  Don't know that the materials would be exactly the same today or in intervening years.

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Re: Sterling silver David Yerman bracelet question

I have a rolo bracelet. When I purchased it, the links were 18 k gold (beginning 2000), later I guess after 2008-2010, when I would read description of rolo bracelet, it would not say anywhere it is solid gold, it was indeed plated or bonded. I mean you can test it potentially. I would think they can probably replate it too.