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Does anyone know where the wall wood panel above the mantle in the show can be found?

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Wonder if it's as pricey as the costume jewelry.......

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If a mod doesn't chime in here......


You may be able to find out if you call the West Chester headquarters.  Ask for the set designing dept and/or ask to speak w/one of the set designing people.



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I thought the jewelry was expensive...hope it is nice quality.Will be interested in the reviews.

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I liked it but the site didn't say what it was made from. Very pretty

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Re: Stella and Dot show

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My physical therapist has the original Sutton necklace that's two toned.  It's beautiful and well made. She wears the crystal necklace the most and she doesn't look too dressed up.  She's had it for 3 years now and she told me the quality is really good.  I think the review for the Sutton on QVC must be from a disgruntled ex trunk show rep.