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Re: Solid Gold 1/8 Oval Hinged Gold Bangle Bracelet

Hi, no I didn’t call CS.  Figure not much that can be done without the bracelet.  Did revisit all the places I visited over the time period it could have fallen off - church, grocery, hair cutters, diner, etc. - no luck.  I always turn things in when I find them (just recently a bank card that someone left in the machine with the machine prompting me to make another selection or remove card).  Hoping good luck comes back my way 😀

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Oh no! I'm so sorry this happened. Gold is not cheap so to lose a bracelet that you just bought is awful.

Did you call CS to tell them about this? I doubt they would refund your money buy maybe they'll redo this bracelet or top selling it.

Do you remember where you were when you noticed it was missing? There are still some honest people in the world who would turn it in if they found it. My husband and I went grocery shopping together. It was raining so he told me to get in the car and he would load the groceries. I forgot my purse in the cart. He wasn't paying attention so we drove off leaving my purse. We realized we left it a few miles down the road.We turned around and I ran in to the store and one of the workers was holding it up as I ran to the service counter. Someone had just brought it in. I couldn't believe it. My credit cards were there my cash was there. I wish I could have met the person who was nice enough to bring it in. So, if you were out and about check those places because like I said, there are still some honest people in the world.