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Re: So happy to see Jill and Silver Style!

I first started watching QVC 20+ years ago because of silver style! Jane hosted way back then, but I think Jill would be better.

I still have the beautiful intricate blue topaz ring with a sapphire in the middle that was my first QVC purchase. I think it was only approx. $30 at the time ...the same ring now would probbably be much more, but its hard to know because QVC doesn't carry that kind of merchandise now.

I would welcome this show coming back regularly IF QVC brought real variety and workmanship to the pieces...and charge fair prices. I would start buying jewelry again from QVC! I can't remember the last time I bought a piece of jewelry. I won't buy the uninspired fake metal they seem to emphasize now.

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Re: So happy to see Jill and Silver Style!

I really enjoyed the show, too and I like Jill as a host. It is a shame that QVC couldn't have done shows with jewelry before Christmas eve though, it would have been nice to be able to have had a chance to buy for gifts.

I barely watched Q during December since their programming was so heavy with generic gift shows.