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Re: Should this ring be considered defective?

Tanzanite colors: The tanzanite gems in these rings show a range of blue color that can be found in tanzanite. Most buyers prefer stones with a strong-to-vivid blue color like the ones in the top row of this image. These stones sell for a much higher price than stones with a lighter color. However, many people prefer the lighter-color gems and gladly pay their lower price. Tanzanite has a range of blue colors that place it in competition with sapphire, blue topaz, and aquamarine.


Most tanzanite has a light to medium tone and low to medium saturation. The two tanzanite rings at the bottom of the image are examples. Although these gems are not considered to be top color, many people prefer them and gladly pay the lower price. Tanzanite in these softer colors often appeals to buyers who like aquamarine and blue topaz.


Tanzanite occurs in a range of tones and color saturations that will appeal to almost any buyer who likes any of the other blue gems. The four rings in the image on this page contain tanzanite gems that range in color from a vivid blue at top left to a very light blue at lower right.

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Re: Should this ring be considered defective?

I have a ton of trouble purchasing Jay King's opaque stone jewelry.  They pick the best from the huge batch available, and what you actually receive is a far cry from the on-air sample.  That's why TV merchants love, love Sleeping Beauty turquoise.  It's boring but it's consistently the same clear color which reduces the reason why people might return it.  I'm very picky about the matrix in my turquoise so I'd return almost anything they sent me....and have.

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Re: Should this ring be considered defective?

I called customer service to plead my case and the agent agreed that the item should look like the photo. Or the video or the TV. Yeah!  She said to return it, mark the return slip  "Seemed different to me on" and that she would note my account to not charge me any shipping.  I forgot to get her OK to use their prepaid return label so I called again and got a different agent. She told me to use their $6.95 return label, on their dime, but informed me to mark the return slip as "Item is Defective"(only way to not be charge the shipping) which I did . I think alot of us are confused about the return procedures because the C,S, agents seem to have their own "opinions" too. But maybe it's also good that there is a "gray" area for circumstances like this. Thanks for all for your help and also the item # is J352930 , just in case they decide to keep recirculating it!

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Re: Should this ring be considered defective?

@Harvard99 wrote:

I mostly order jewelry from QVC but lately I am tired of returning items that really don't truthfully or fully match the item description. For instance, I recently received an "as is" sterling diamonique simulated tanzanite ring. The online photos of the ring showed deeply saturated purple/blue stones but when I received it, the stones were very, very pale and washed out.  I know "as is" means it may not be in perfect, like new condition. But this is different. Shouldn't the item look like the photo? Does anyone know if this ring would be considered defective and as such, if I returned it, all the shipping charges would be refunded to me? I feel QVC's return policy really could be clearer. I appreciate your thoughts.

I don't believe that the ring would be considered defective.  When it comes to gemstones I believe there's an acceptable range allowed for the color of the stone.  If the color of these stones was outside of that range they would not have passed inspection.

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Re: Should this ring be considered defective?

What does 'as is' mean?  I have always wondered about that.  I would never order 'as is'.  The prices sure don't look like 'as is'.