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It's been years since I last sold the gold jewelry I no longer wore.  Some of it belonged to my late mother...large rings and coins that I would NEVER wear.


At that time, I set aside those pieces I was unsure about.  Now, probably 10 years later, I haven't worn most of them.  I never wore them to work, and find I have less and less interest in wearing more than a bracelet and earrings when I go out.


This morning, I gathered them together and was thinking it was time to let them go.  No one to give them to and time is marching on.


Has anyone sold anything lately?  I think it was US Gold I sold to before and it was pretty easy.


Just curious about any recent experiences.



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Ross Simmons  website  will take old jewelry

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JTV also takes GOLD 

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Re: Selling Gold

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Yes, I sold some this year...old broken chains, broken up sets of earrings, and the most substantial piece was a broken "macaroni" bracelet of some weight from my mom. (I have all the precious pieces from mom that are keepers but this was not one of them; she had wanted me to sell this piece even before she passed.)


Anyway, I got about $900.00 (last spring) from a local Gold buyer we have in town. Also, many local jewelry stores in your area may buy gold, if you have one you trust. Or perhaps ask on a local page for your area on Facebook, if you are on there. Recommendations are good if you can get them. BF had sold through this guy I used and had felt he was easy to work with and fair.


I also used another local independent dealer in 2018, upon recommendation of a friend, who bought my mom's silverware set. Got $650.00 for that.


Definitely worth doing this with pieces that are just going to sit there and have no sentimental value to you, especially now when Gold is still so high.


Good luck!

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Your post reminded me about my set of sterling flatware that sits unused.  It is Francis First...a beautiful, ornate pattern, but....I cannot tell you the last time it was on my table.  


Yes, I could use it in my everyday life, but I'm not inclined to do so.  


It is something else to think about Cat Happy

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Something I am adapting to is that younger family members don't want old stuff. I am trying to cash in anything of value and donate or trash the rest. I am ready to unload and realize nobody wants antiques, collectibles, old jewelry, books, etc.


I recently sold a two carat solitaire diamond, near flawless, slightly yellow, to a well respected estate jeweler. I only got $3,000 for it.

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@Witchy Woman   I am also thinking my sterling flatware should go, but so far the only step I have taken is to divide mine into 2 sets.  I plan to keep service for 4 for myself and get estimates for selling the other 8.


considering how many sets are on eBay and other sites, I have no intention of trying to sell that way and I have already asked the relatives in the next 2 generations if there is interest.  No surprise to me that there is not.

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Re: Selling Gold

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I hear you.


It's all just so much stuff and more of a burden than a pleasure.


I have no children or anyone remotely interested in my "things" so I'm trying to streamline as much as I can.  


That also reminds me I have a one carat diamond removed from an old ring.  Think I'll track it down and see what I can get for it.  

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Re: Selling Gold

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I read that places that take donations are reluctant to take so many "finer" things.  I guess it depends on where you live.


I'm assuming if you can sell gold, you can sell silver flatware.


Looking back, I HAD to have that Francis First.....I stalked it for years and finally got it.


Now, it's just one more thing to get rid of Cat LOL

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@FLgardener   Boy do I hear you on this - nobody wants the stuff or you have no one who might consider any of it.


We've no kids so that's out. Family members honestly few & far between, they have their own stuff so they do need nor want our's. Both of us born early 1950s anything we have 'inherited' is from his & my parents dying years ago so we which includes darn near everything in our home as it was his G'Parents 'and 99.7% of what's here stayed/sold/given to us. Full of a lot of antique furn, tons of hand tools, china closets and stuff inside. 


You get my drift. 


Eventually I know I'll be the one to decide how & what to do with practically all of it. I don't want it either, most of it isn't even (technically) mine. So yeah, I feel your pain - or will in the near future.