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I received J320789 today. A ring. It wasn't even on easy pay but It caught my eye when I saw it on-air so I ordered it. I ordered my regular size not knowing how the sizing runs for this line since it is new to Q. Also that it was a concave ring. Well, it fits beautifully and I am very happy I ordered it. The black detail surrounding the cross is very striking in person. The ring has a very nice weight to it and is so extremely comfortable on the finger. No worries about it being concave. It has a low profile and is a great go-to ring or for running around on the weekend. It would look great on a middle or pointer finger as well. Really, really pleased with this ring. I have a few other items coming as well and I am happy I decided to order so many pieces during the debut. Please share your reviews here as well for the new Scott Kay line on Q.
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Sorry, mine is not an official review of a jewelry item - but rather my initial impression of the jewelry. I thought it was Very Very nice. It is just too high priced for me to justify a purchase. I loved the design elements and think they are very unique and quite refreshing to see their items on the Q. I would enjoy watching more shows of their jewelry!!

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I received the leather cross bracelet last night. I love it. It looked bigger on TV, but I actually like that it's not as big. The cross is not so big that it screams. Its not easy to get on but I can manage, just takes some skill. I have a 6.5" wrist, got the 7 1/4 and it fits a tad loose, but any tighter and it would be difficult to fasten. It seems weighted well, as it is not flipping around on my wrist. I'm not a big DMQ fan, but the stones are small enough to add sparkle and be believable a the same time. I also ordered the cross ring which should be arriving today.

So far, I've been wearing this bracelet around the house with a Michael Dawkins crystal quartz granulated ring..they look nice together. I plan to layer the bracelet with a Michael Dawkins bracelet.

I thought the prices of this line were pretty good.

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So far I have received 2 pieces.

I ordered bracelet J320614 (sorry, don't know how to make it a link). Wow, what a surprise. Very substantial and well made. Heavy in a good way, not flimsy or cheap. Love the clasp. I know it will be a piece I wear often. After I first ordered it, I thought about canceling it, wasn't sure about spending that much on a sterling silver bracelet. But I'm glad I didn't cancel it. The quality and the design make it worth the price, imo.

Also received the 36" necklace, J320768. At first I was unsure because the links looked so much smaller than the bracelet which I opened first. But I put it on and was pleasantly surprised. The bolo links are obvious and make it different than a plain link necklace. I like the length - can wear it long or doubled. Another winner.

I can't wait to receive my OTO bracelet, J320773, and hopefully necklace J321045 I have waitlisted. While I don't need much more jewelry, I'm kind of simple with my accessories, I do see myself getting more of his pieces in the future. They are well made, modern, not too trendy. Quality pieces that I see myself wearing for awhile.

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I received the bangle (without the diamonique) and it's well made but either the sizing is off or I was given a smaller wouldn't go past my fingers and over my hand, and I have no problem with other Q bangles of the same size.

Still, it's well made and very solid for a little bangle...I'll be back to purchase more from this line in the future.

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I received the same ring as the OP (and I have it on as I write this). What a WOW!!!!! It is beautifully crafted with lots of intricate detail. It's beautiful inside and out!!!! And you can even clearly read the name "Scott Kay" on the underside. I was a tad leery of ordering it initially because it was concave, but that's a total non-issue now that I see it in person. I believe it was a OTO when I got it. Sadly, much of his line is a bit too expensive for me. But I'm so glad I got this ring!!!! His daughter was a delight to watch, despite the sadness she must be feeling.

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Not really my taste in jewelry, this Q line seems to be a cross of gothic and bali styles. The pieces look weighty, and certainly a fair price for the designer. I'd love to see some in real life pictures.

I think it's fantastic that Q brings us these wonderful designers.

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that OTO cross ring looks amazing! wear it in good health!!

i am waitlisted for the the cross ring and the larger bolo link bracelet. i ordered later on Sunday, i was too slow jumping on the OTO while Jill was on with Tiffany i hope i get my size, how does waitlist work? i see all the sizes show availability on waitlist. does that mean they are making more? or just waiting for a return? i am so enthralled with Scott Kay designs! love the feather wing-like pendant guardian angel pendant too....

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I ordered 5 skinny slip-on bangles (J321064) and I am very happy with them! They are true beauty. Solid and hefty!

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Excited to read the positive reviews on the Cross Ring! I am on waitlist for it. I hope I eventually get one…. *sigh*