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Re: Savannah Guthrie's initial necklaces



The U is not an inital but the C and V are for her kids Charlie and Vale


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Wikipedia says her children are named Vale and Charles. Are they V and C for her children?. That makes all kinds of sense to me.


I don't see a V.  It looks like a U to me.  I thought maybe it was a new trend to wear a U.  


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Re: Savannah Guthrie's initial necklaces

Logic says its a V.  I've often wondered what the letters were, but was too lazy to research it.  I don't think interest in a celebrity's anything is unusual.  She might be flattered people care. This is nowhere near the morbid interest people have in the Kardashians.

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Re: Savannah Guthrie's initial necklaces

I wear two diamond initial necklaces almost all the time. Mine and my husbands. He bought them as an anniversary gift for me. People are going to notice our jewelry and sometimes ask about it or comment on it. I know I've had several people ask about my necklaces and what they mean.

We do wear pieces for many reasons. Because we love them, they were given as a gift, they were passed down to us, they have meaning, and so on. I'm a jewelry lover so when I see someone that has a piece I think is pretty or interesting I comment on it.

I've never heard of this girl before but I think it's sweet that she wears her children's initials all the time. We only have one child so I'm thinking of buying her initial to wear along with mine and my husbands necklaces.I don't care if anyone thinks since I'm wearing 3 necklaces that it looks strange or it looks like too much.I wear what makes me happy, just like everyone else should in my opinion. 

I don't see anything wrong with Crystalrock asking what this girl's initials mean.

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Re: Savannah Guthrie's initial necklaces

@Remar @makena Savannah Guthrie is the co-host of the Today Show on NBC.

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Re: Savannah Guthrie's initial necklaces

I wear a necklace that says Bernadette.  It is not my name.  Not the name of anyone I know.  The Four Tops' song Bernadette was on the radio in the car right before I walked into one of my favorite second hand stores.  Right there is was.  How could I not get it?  So, some days I'm Bernadette.  Smiley Wink

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Re: Savannah Guthrie's initial necklaces

@RobbiesAuntJennyWOW! I love that.