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Didn't recognize her!

I honestly do not understand WHY women choose plastic surgery. The look is never good!

She was lovely before.

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@Luvmycats   so i went and looked at her in a current video.  i guess she looks a little different, but nothing i could put my finger on. then again i don't watch q on tv anymore.  

what's different about her look?

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She seemed to have more energy - lately almost falling asleep and disinterested or not   'connecting' with host.

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Judith most certainly had work done, but I think she looks great.


Having plastic surgery is a personal choice. Sometimes it does go,wrong, but that is not the case with Judith.

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A little work goes a long way.  After more and more, everyone starts to have the same look, especially around the eyes.  In fact, the last time we saw her on the Q, DH said she looked like Joan Rivers.

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Re: Ripka

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Many people look great with cosmetic surgery.  Susan Lucci comes to mind.  

I thought Joan Rivers was beautiful.  Much more so than before she started having surgeries.  Barbra Streisand is starting to look like that "cat woman" from NYC.  I haven't seen Ripka lately.  

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I think JR looks like a mannequin, sadly.  Sorry.  

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@Krimpette wrote:

I think JR looks like a mannequin, sadly.  Sorry.  

I would agree with your assessment.

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If you don't have  something nice to day, can you not just keep it to yourself?  All of your ideas don't need to be shared with the world.  I mean, seriously, would you love it if people were talking about how lousy YOU look online?  And making judgements about decisions you've made about how you present yourself? I doubt it.

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I actually think it's the blonde/ligher color of her hair.  It's too much of a cool color for her light complexion.and gives her a gray or sallow look.  I come by this opinion personally as I have a similar complexion and my hair color was doing the same to me.