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Re: Resin filled 14k gold jewelry

Suki CJ. You said you bought your pieces years ago. I have to wonder if they're using less gold now? It would not surprise me one bit.

I gave it a chance by buying a cigar style band. It was awful. Very light and very thick, I'm sure it was because of the resin filling. I sent it back and will never by another piece even if it costs almost nothing.

QVC. Please bring us more beautiful gold pieces. Make them affordable because if you do we're going to buy a whole lot more. I think most of us are so tired of resin filled, clad, bronze and so on. We would like to have more real gold.

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Re: Resin filled 14k gold jewelry

I'm not a fan.

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Re: Resin filled 14k gold jewelry

I know most people hate it but I think it has its place.  I bought 3 Oro Nuovo (wasn't that what it was called?) bangles in rose, white and yellow gold a few years back.  Wore them with my other bangles--a LOT!  They look just like the more expensive gold ones and they haven't shown any signs of wear.  For inexpensive everyday wear they are fine.  I wouldn't buy a ton of resin-filled jewelry, but the 3 pieces I have are holding up well.  JMHO.

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Re: Resin filled 14k gold jewelry

I have one piece of jewelry from when the resin filled gold was first offered many years ago.  It had a lot of gold, not just dipped or coated.  


Today's resin filled gold is more like gold clad....not much gold at all.  It's a thin layer of gold over a bunch of resin.  I've never been fold of most clad jewelry because it wears off too easily.  I would never buy current resin filled gold.


If you want real gold at better prices than shopping networks, try sarraf dot com.  Their customer service is outstanding and I've never had any issue with their products.   They offer a lot of styles and looks from chains, bracelets, earrings, pendants.... in lots of weights.  It's my go-to place.



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Re: Resin filled 14k gold jewelry

I received a catalog the other day and there were a few pages which had this type of jewelry in it.  Many of the items were lovely looking and seemed to be quite a bit cheaper in price.  I think it is a way for people to achieve the good look at a much lower price.  I was actually tempted by a piece or two but I have no idea how the gold actually wears -- weather it will eventually wear off?  

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