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Received the 5 stone one ct TSV ring today

and it is very pretty..  The diamonds are eye clean and appear to be matched quite well at least to my naked eye.  Lots of sparkle also.  All in all a very pretty ring.  Negatives are that the gold is thinner than I would like and that I purchased it specifically to wear with and oval set emeral and diamond ring.  The band slips under the ring so you only get too see 3 of the stones  I have been wearing a diamonique band ring that does the same thing but quess it didn't bother me.  I will be taking it in to my jeweler to appraise after I return from vacation and will let you know how the appraisal works out.  I also will not post a review on .com until I have that done.


This band could definitely be worn alone and look wonderful I imagine the upsell ring would be a welcome addition. 


I have only purchased Affinity once before...."as is" earring for my DD for wedding day so I was surprised to receive ring in a pouch not a ring box

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Re: Received the 5 stone one ct TSV ring today

Wow, I understand the cost of gold, but for what you paid, I should think they could have given you a substantial band.  I simply can't stand to wear anything that feels lightweight or "tinny" on my fingers, which is why I don't mind wearing SS instead of gold.  I hope you will not settle for anything which is not up to your standards just because the diamonds look good.  Also, make sure the prongs are don't want to be losing any of those stones!  Heart

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Re: Received the 5 stone one ct TSV ring today

@LexPex - I received the ring and the 2 band ring guard in YG.  The diamonds are stunning and sparkling.  The band is lightweight.....lighter than my solitaire band.  As someone posted in the reviews...the color is a G to H and inclusions probably at a VS1 or VS2.  I am going to wear and see how it holds up.  I am looking forward to your jeweler's appraisal!

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