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reminds me of that Elvis song 'Memories' sweet memories that's all 400/oz. is LOL

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I DVR'd it and they're fun together... Some beautiful pieces, if not a whole lot that was actually new and while there were some 'sale' prices, things were still pretty pricey... I am still considering one item where fortunately the price and Easy Pay still apply.

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I'm glad to see gold on. But they haven't adjusted their prices to reflect current gold rates ($1183/oz). Ridiculous.

Check out Sarraf online. Great gold, great customer service. And their prices are a whole lot better than Q.

Seems like the Q last night and that website are selling many items at $60+ dollars per gram, not much difference that I can see.

Eternagold is still itching toward $100 per gram.

Sarraf's quality is 100 times better than Q's.