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I have never had trouble with returns.  I have been shopping at QVC for 18 years.  It does take 21/2 weeks approx. for the credit to be issued, but I am used to that.  Nothing has been lost and CS has always been very helpful .  CS always seems to be on top of things.  Maybe it is one's geographical location. Maybe it takes longer from certain parts of the US.  I rarely shop at Evine, but they charge more than QVC for a return , I think $8-9.  AND Evine's purchase shipping fees are higher ($6.95-$7.95 0 and also not refundable.  Want to give credit to QVC when it is due. Hope others have fewer problems down the road!

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I have dramatically reduced how much I purchase from about 90%. I don't find that there is value or convenience. With an abundance of options on line, I redirected what I buy. For instance, I used to buy all my skincare from QVC...eliminated that. Now, I buy exclusively The Ordinary Products which are Extremely Inexpensive but very Effective and I Don't Pay Any Shipping Charges If My Purchase Is $25 Or More. QVC' Sshipping Charges Are Out Of Control. Years Ago, Today's Special Values Had significant Price Reductions. .not So Anymore. I Still Buy Barbara Bixby And Jai ...but again a lot less than I used to. Processing returns takes too long and is unacceptable. There Are So Many Options And So Much Competition Among Retailers That I feel I Don't Have To Tolerate Higher Prices, Lack Of True Value, And Ridiculous Shipping Charges.

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I had a return reach Q and sit there for 10 days so I called.  They are saying holiday returns are slowing down the process.  I say...b.s.  Christmas was over 2 months ago and the last returns had to be there at the end of January.  


However, Q did just lay off a lot of people, and they outsourced a lot of jobs to Poland.  I'll bet some of their warehouse people were laid off in that mess.  

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I shop very cautiously so that I don't have to make returns often.  I don't buy items in multiple sizes or colors to see which one I like best, etc., so I really am able to avoid returns.


However, I have found that there is less chance of screw-up if I use the Q return label.  That label has the information for the product you are returning right on the outside of the bag.  So if they scan it when it comes through the Q returns department doors, your return is already in the system.  No one has to open the package and fish out the return information (which is often on a piece of paper the size of a gas receipt).


I know others feel differently, but since I don't make a lot of returns, paying the inflated price is worth avoiding the aggravation of a Q error.

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Since they outsourced jobs to outside the US, that is one more reason for me to shop even less at QVC. Not interested in paying astronomical shipping fees and paying prices that are really not that great once you add S&H, when they keep reducing their expenses but don't pass on those savings to the consumer. My strategy is to buy cosmetics somewhere else - at much more affordable prices and with no S&H; other household items - make a list throughout the year and buy at Thanksgiving at drastically reduced prices on Amazon or other sites. A 10-15 % reduction in price for a TSV is just not a compelling proposition for me, since once you add S&H you might end up almost full price for the product. QVC used to stay true to Value, not I am dropping 90% of my shopping here for other vendors, where I can find true value. I work hard for my money and want to make sure I get the maximum benefit from each dollar spent.

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I have only returned an item three times since I have shopped with the Q, and only once when the item was just unsatisfactory in every way.  Other times, it was because they sent me the wrong item or the item arrived broken.  Those were a long time ago, but it seems to me they handled them about as expected, which is to say not at the speed of light.


@gabrielahas a point about there being numerous competitors for our business, jewelry business included.  I'm sure those of us who LOVE jewelry are always on the lookout for a bargain, and there are some out there to be had.  Most other jewelry purchases are shipped free.  The Q is hardly my only source of jewelry.

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I bought 2 Isaac tops, unfortunately, the sizing was off.  I returned them and learned that they charged $3 for each returned top plus postage.  They get you with easy pay, and the host telling you you better get in now or your size won't be available.  This especially happens during LOGO presentations.  I order and get the item and wonder why I am spending way too much for what I'm getting.  I love LOGO I think it's for the pockets, but way too expensive...

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Wow, I didn't notice. Now it makes sense 😪

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The most recent response in this thread bumps it from a year ago (and this probably should have been a Customer Care or Q Talk thread in the first place)...