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I buy everything on easy pay...keeping the item I pay it off immediately, returning the item I'm not waiting for a full price refund. I make easy pay work for me, it's great. No one is forced to buy from Q, don't like the prices then buy from another retailer...shaming Q is silly.

Maybe it works for you @kitcat51 but, it is definitely a tactic to sell more. When people see $15 a month on easy pay it makes it more budget friendly. If easy pay didn't make them more money do you think they would offer it as much? They use psychological tactics in sales.


Beware everyone, and be careful because easy pay doesn't help you if you can't pay if every month!!

I'm not others nannygoat, they're free to do as they please. Easy Pay can work for everyone, it's  just like everything in life...You Have To Be Responsible.

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@PINKdogWOOD I think that is a good idea as well!👍



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The S/H cost an return shipping count, yes. But sometimes the item is too pretty and you still have a month to decide. Sometimes after a month it does not make it, and QVC is great to accept it back.

If I love Bixby or Jai there is no physical store to buy it.

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Re: QVC too pricey

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but what is the point about middleman? I've never paid less for custom order when I paid on qvc or any other store for jewelry item. Custom order has no middle man involved but you are charged an arm and a leg even if you provide stones and material. They call the mark up cost as labor, and occasionally design, since I am the one to give them the design anyway. It does not matter. 

And if you special order item from top designer, it would cost you a fortune, and later you design will be mass produced.

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I don't know how anyone can afford to buy clothes or jewelry from the Q. I was watching Jim Shore on the Q this morning. I asked my fiancee to look at a Santa they were presenting. He told me the things I painted were much prettier and much cheaper too. I buy many Santas, Snowmen and Angels at the Goodwill through the year to re-paint for my niece and her boys. I also buy things from Micheals and Hobby Lobby. 


I used to buy Diamonique all the time, then someone told me about JTV. That was 16 years ago. I look at the stuff they present now and it looks cheap.

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@SandySparkles I hear what you are saying but if I was going to pay $5000 for a ring, I wouldn't buy it from QVC.

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I started shopping on QVC decades ago, mainly for the jewelry.


I wear only gold, but I do buy silver for family members.


I definitely use easy pay when I buy jewelry, because I see no need to tie up a huge amount of funds for an item unless I am sure I will keep it. I am not willing to order any jewelry online that costs many thousands--I would have to see it in person.  BUT I did hear that Bulgari sold a two million dollar piece online!


Yes, the prices are a bit high, and even so lately with all the gold price increases, but there are always bargains!!


Sometimes a person has to wait for the all day jewelry shows for special TSV prices, sometimes it means checking the lunchtime specials every day, sometimes it means waiting for the newer blowout clearance sales.


I am now at the stage in life where I am starting to feel that I no longer need to buy as much.  However, this year I did purchase a few Judith Ripka pieces at tremendous sale prices.


If you want to buy your daughter an Affinity diamond piece, I would steer clear of the engagement/wedding style items which are more one-of-a-kind and extremely pricey.  You would do better buying her a bulk item at a lower cost, such as the one carat diamond huggie hoops for $999.00.  You can also check out Macy's during Friends and Family sales for even more variety in diamond jewelry and a great price span.  

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It's not called "Evil Pay" for nothing.

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@Imadickens If you think prices are bad now, inflation is going to make it far worse.


Also, we are free to choose what to buy and how to spend our money, thankfully!  I am sure all of us buy something just because we want it, and don't always make informed choces. 


Plus each of us is responsible for what we do and if we spend our money without making really informed decisions that's on us.  And we all do it.  Some people will love something and buy it and get a lot of joy from it even if it cost too much.  And jewelry is something that always falls into that category.


Jewelry is seldom worth what we pay for it in real terms.  Go try to sell some and you don't get back what you paid for sure. 


It's up to us to choose and I am very thankful for that at least.