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Philip Stein Watches? Anyone?

Anyone own a Philip Stein watch? Do you like it? Thinking about buying one...

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Re: Philip Stein Watches? Anyone?

I am thinking about getting a philip stein watch also. Does the Q carry them? Would love some opnions on these watches.

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Re: Philip Stein Watches? Anyone?

I bought mine on Overstock, I like to use it when I go on vacation, since I can see what time it is where I live and where I am.  lI never believed the qualities it is given, I slept with it and it never helped.

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Re: Philip Stein Watches? Anyone?

Like all watch brands there are differences in style, size, quality, and components among the different watches made by this brand.


A good friend owns one and likes it very much... for it's style and comfort.  But it has no magical powers, despite the advertising.


Be sure to price compare for the specific model you are interested in and also look at the specifications.... the differences are important and if you pay $$$ for the name,  you want to get the quality too.

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Re: Philip Stein Watches? Anyone?

I have one.  I like it very much.  Do I think it cures ADHD, sleeplessness, restlesssness.  No.  Psychosomatically I do think I sleep better, but mostly I just think it's a cool watch.  

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Re: Philip Stein Watches? Anyone?

I got my husband one on a cruise many years ago (I dont see the Q selling these unless the brand is sinking and they need to sell stock) and its a gorgeoous piece. He loves it and only wears it on special occasions. The craftsmanship is great on it. He doesnt sleep with it so not sure if it would help with all it claims but if you want a status watch, its beautiful.