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Re: Paul Deasy on HSN Tonight

During the presentation of the TS last night Paul announced a 1 year warranty and showed the warranty card that will come with the jewelry.   I don't know the details of what is covered and whether this warranty will now be for all the jewelry he sells on HSN or just the TS.


Regarding jewelry and watch warranties:   it's important to understand the details.   Warranties are not guarantees.  In addition they sometimes cover only specific parts of the item against specific types of issues.   I'm not saying a warranty isn't a good thing or valuable to have,  just that as consumers we can't assume it will protect us from all problems.

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Re: Paul Deasy on HSN Tonight

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@SilleeMee.  Ethiopian opals don't have the water content like Australian opals do.  They don't dry out.  Sounds like @Imt just got an inferior stone.  I hope this doesn't start happening to all of our Ethiopian opals.  There would be a bunch of unhappy campers.  I ordered and returned one to JTV that turned out to be solid orange.


Edited to add...Ethiopian opals are also not as fragile as the Australian Opals which makes them more wearable.


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