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Hubby got me one for our Anniversary. I was looking at my Sister-in-laws and I guess he thought I wanted one....LOL

He got me a charm with Mickey & Minnie kissing since we like taking the granddaughter to Disney World...


I was looking at the charms with the crystals and was wondering if they fall out after awhile. Are their any charm styles to avoid?

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I can't help with that question.  I did see tons of disney pandora charms when we were there in November.  You can view them at disneystoredotcom. I hope your anniversary was great. Have fun at DW.

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I love my Pandora......mine has a travel theme.   I've never had an issue with any of the crystal beads.   They make them so pretty today but years ago I didn't like them.  Enjoy it! It is fun adding charms that are significant that you will cherish later on.

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Well, I must tell you that your husband seems very thoughtful!! Happy Anniversary!! 💜


The charms made by Pandora are of great quality,in my experience. I love mine! Even the crystal ones. Do be careful of charms made by anyone other than Pandora, though. I think you do get what you pay for. Keep receipts for Pandora charms. They have excellent customer service. 

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Re: Pandora bracelets

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I've been collecting Pandora for close to 30 years.  I've only recently had a stone go missing from a channel set ring.  I was given a store credit since it was over a year (which is their warranty) and there was a recall on that particular ring.  The only other problem I ever had was with a pearl dangle charm that started peeling.  They replaced it with another charm. 


Also, if you should loose a stone you can have it replaced at your own cost if it's over the year warranty. 

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yI have a few bracelets. One is all silver with crystal beads, one is all rose gold beads, one is all two tone beads and one is all just plain silver with no stones. I love them all. The crystal one is pretty much finished. Now I am adding colored beads to interechange on the crystal bracelet according to what I am weabring.



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A Pandora bracelet is a charm bracelet?

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I actually have seven silver. gold Pandora bracelets (they are color themed-black & white, red, green, purple, pink, yellow, blue), two bangles and for mothers day just received a black leather (double strand) bracelet with clips and a poohbear charm. I have quite a few charms and clips with stones and have never had a problem. Pandora makes a quality product- I also have the necklace and a ring with stones. Think you will enjoy your bracelet.