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@jaxs mom  Some of my rings are too big and I bought these. Fits on the back of the ring. I can't even feel them. I didn't want to size down because gold being so high.


Ring Snuggies Ring Sizer or Assorted Sizes Adjuster Set of Six Per Pack

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Re: Paging JaxsMom

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@VenturaHighway  Oh my do I need these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What an invention, you say they work really well and you can't even feel them.


Well I sure need these. My poor arthritic fingers all ten of them I can't wear rings unless they're stretch rings and yeah I actually found tons online a few years ago and have LOTS of them. They're very fun, cool designs, feel good on, can wear them on many diff fingers so they sure work.


However, I still have many lovely real sterling & gemstone rings that I just cannot part with. I see many that I want but won't buy any. If these ring stops work so that my size 11 rings actually fit without spinning which is what they do now, I AM IN!!!!!


I just received a gorgeous sterling ring from jtv that I HAD to have that has oval stones one each surrounded by white zircon, yellow beryl, morganite and aquamarine, talk about sparkle galore, all are just so lovely all for $49.00!!!  It was on special. It is stunning but it spins.


I am buy these ring guards for sure. THANK YOU for sharing this. And all made in the grand USofA!

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@Ventura Highway, May I ask are they sold on the Q? Def. need. Many thanks

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Check out Am—-zon, they have them and other solutions.

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When I bought mine, they were at Walmart. I think you can find them several places. The ones I showed was from Amazon.