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I love pearls and glad they're a thing again.
In the recent years I have made some purchases from the Jai line. A very casual looking  36" Pearl necklace and a bangle style Pearl bracelet. They are my go to work pieces.

I try to wear all my jewlery in rotation. I recently purchased those hanging pocket jewelry holders and I organized  all my pieces; expensive, costume and fashion.
I notice now, I am really wearing my pieces more frequently, compared to when they were in my jewlery boxes and were rarely visible.

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I have "good" pearls in two length (which I wear together as a rope sometimes or doubled), black pearls, coin pearls, really big fresh water ones, all sorts of earrings from "good" blister pearls in gold, pearls with diamonds, baroque pearls, dangling freshwater earrings, pearl studs with gemstones, you name it!


I've worn them, bought them, received them as gifts for 45 years!  I have worn them and worn them and still love and appreciate their beauty.  They've been beautiful for thousands of years.  Why not?

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In my world--pearls have never  been out of style---I have and wear so many pearls--earrings, rings, necklaces. I have them in many sizes and colors. I aspire to south sea golden pearls--have a pendant and earrings in a lovely shade of yellow-golden color.  My new fave are the silver pearls and the black keshi pearls that look blue! My mom had an akoya pearl necklace she wore getting married to my dad in the 50's but she either lost them or sold them, which breaks my heart a little---I wear studs almost everyday and have many necklaces/pendants I wear on chains, leather cords or twisted into torsages and wear with  everything, anytime or place. and my birthday is in June---

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I love pearls, and thanks to QVC, I have quite a collection! I really miss seeing the Honorra pearl shows.

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@Shanus  I love the idea of your adjustable pearls in length necklace!  And yes I recently took out of inventory mabe pearls & tiny diamonds, havent worn pearl anything in years, so excited to keep them. Smiley Happy

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@Shanus I don't know why you believe 36" long necklaces were the style decades ago.  36" long necklaces is a classic style called opera length.  I know some shorter necklaces are sometimes called "opera", but "opera" length is meant to go below the bust, and some of us have more than others.


I do love the necklace length below the bust, and find it to be most flattering, specially with a solid color top, but pearls go with everything, even prints.


As far as I am concerned long or short necklaces are always in style.  The length worn (or whether to wear a necklace) depends on the outfit.


It is the chunkiness or width of the necklace that comes and goes out of fashion.


As others have mentioned, it looks like piling it on is in!


I do like stacking my necklaces sometimes, but don't care for the busy look.  But I do love most my large Honora South Seas pearl long necklaces that I was lucky to purchase when they were available on QVC.  I add extenders to make sure they go below the bust, as I don't care for the look just sitting on the bust.  They are beautiful, and now in fashion.

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I have one pair of pearl stud earrings; never been drawn to pearls.  

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I've read about pearls making a comeback too. They're trending right now in various shapes and styles. I have one graduated pearl necklace, but I rarely wear it. It was given to me to wear with my wedding dress, and it looked great that day. Maybe I will try my pearl necklace with a few outfits this Spring? 

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I've always had an intense dislike of pearls.  They're so blah with no personality.  It makes me furious that other people get pretty, sparkly, colorful gemstones as birthstones but I only got boring pearls for June.  I've only ever had a pearl ring that my parents gave me, no other pearls.  Wouldn't wear them if I had them.

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