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Re: Opinion on this Affinity Diamond Band

@MsShari wrote:
@fancyphillyshoppper I do love the ring, just dont to find out I paid wayyy too much for it. I don't plan on ever selling the ring, so I guess resale value doesn't really matter to me. When I wear the ring, its just so beautiful. It sparkles so much and looks so elegant. It is definitely an every day ring, so I think I have my mind made up. I honestly havent seen a pave band like this before, where everything is flush. Thanks for all of your responses!

You will never, ever, ever get what you paid for a ring if you sell it.  That's not how the market works.  These pieces only have value to the owner and no intrinsic value for "money making purposes."  Of course you can sell it.  You won't get back what you paid for it though @MsShari 

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Re: Opinion on this Affinity Diamond Band

I know exactly what you mean.  I got the half carat in the yellow gold.  Yes, super sparkly.  Yes, pretty.  But the more I looked at it and thought about the price, I decided to send it back.  It was a tough decision.  I own J365165, which is 1/2 ct. tw in 14K white gold.  It was less money and a more solid ring, with more gold to it.  The diamonds are full cut, rather than pave.  Granted it is a smaller ring, but I decided it was a better value for me.  Good luck!

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Re: Opinion on this Affinity Diamond Band

For the price, I suspect you can do better. That said, I haven't priced jewelry lately so could be mistaken in my assessment.

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Re: Opinion on this Affinity Diamond Band

You're paying for the gold and paying way TOO much for the gold as it is. When you look at the type of gold, then add in the alloys, you really are being ripped off. Those of that buy prefer gold knows this, however, and still choose to purchase it because we like it.


Affinity gets a bad rap, IMHO. I've seen rings purchased from many a known store for $$$$ and sometimes they're dull as dirt while an Affinity piece sparkles like stars. Affinity does not bring in high ctw items because they don't sell; the customer base isn't willing or able to spend that amount and/or they want to see it in person, have a diamond certification and Affinity doesn't offer that. However, if you know what you are looking for, there are deals to be found (especially as is and when THEY go on sale).


I purchase items and then break them down to use in a new design. Won't go into the boring story but it's how I've been able to get my "dream" designs for a VERY low cost; I combine the Affinity stones with my own and melt down the gold from the setting for a discount with my jeweler. 


In the end, if the piece WOWS you, that's all the matters. If it doesn't, return it and find one that does. Smiley Happy

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Re: Opinion on this Affinity Diamond Band

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I purchased a Micro Pave ring (Angel ring) and within a couple of weeks, lost one of the pave diamonds.  Since I loved/love this ring, I kept it and took it to a jeweler and he warned me about the Pave setting.  They are notorious for losing the diamonds.  He went ahead and replaced the little diamond and off I went.  I looked down at my hand on the ride home and guess what??  Another diamond was missing and I hadn't even gotten home yet!!


I kept the ring (sentimental reason) and I'll get the 2nd little diamond repaced one of these days but I'll probably never purchase another diamond product from QVC again. 

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Re: Opinion on this Affinity Diamond Band

The gold costs more then the little diamonds.  Those absurdly little diamonds or pave are really near worthless.  H color is the Pitts too.  Your average engagement ring is at least a G.  I have one Affinity Diamond.  I'm sure they have nice diamonds, but the contract with QVC calls for cheaper prices.  So you get cheaper diamonds.  So I no longer buy any Affinity from QVC.  Strange world where the gold is actually more valuable then a little diamond.  No matter how artificially high DeBeers sets diamonds.

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Re: Opinion on this Affinity Diamond Band

I bought this ring, and I love it. My benchmark on whether to keep an expensive purchase is whether it wows me when I open the box. This wowed me the minute I opened it. I was with a friend when it arrived, and he was blown away, too. He rarely comments on my jewelry, but he said immediately that this one is a keeper. I have loved wearing it. All that said, it needs to wow YOU to make it worth keeping for you.

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Re: Opinion on this Affinity Diamond Band

I was watching when this ring was presented and thought it was very pretty. I happen to love pave' set diamonds. I saw your review on the ring and it is beautiful on your hand! If I make a high dollar jewelry purchase, it has to be something I really LOVE. So, my advice would be.....if you love it, keep it. If you're just not really sure, send it back.

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Re: Opinion on this Affinity Diamond Band

I'm glad they showed the color and clarity of H and I2. That's pretty good considering.....  I don't know that I'd pay that for Affinity though.