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Nose rings in my opinion are disgusting.  

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My daughter and I both have small diamond studs on the side of the nose. We got them when I turned 50  three years ago. At first it was annoying because I wasn't used to it, but now I don't even notice it is there.  It did hurt to get pierced though!  

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I have run into employees in retail, who were wearing them.  I couldn't even look at them.  It looked like they needed a tissue, if you know what I mean.  Reminds me of someone in bondage.  And, OH, not to mention the unsanitary implications.....yuck!!

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Wow!  I thought the anti tattoo threads were harsh.  This takes the prize!  

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@GoneButNotForgotten Consider your audience.

I see you haven't gotten any encouragement here, but do not let that stop you.

If a nose ring is something that you would like to try out, by all means do it!

You can get a fake one to try & see it you will like the look.

I consider a nose piercing every now & then. I have never gotten to the point that I was like "I really want one", so I haven't, but I may yet. I am 60.

I think you may be surprised by the support you would get when you go out with a nose ring. I think a lot of people would compliment you on it! 

Be bold. Have fun!

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Why not consider a belly button ring?!!Smiley Frustrated

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 I've never thought, even with  my imperfections  that  I needed to distort my appearance with  piercings or tattoos. I'm happy in my own skin.

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@skatting44 So you do not style your hair or wear any makeup? No pierced ears?

Most of us do some thing to either enhance our looks or just to have fun.

Colors that suit us. Purses & shoes that reflect our style.

It's just a piece or jewelry. 

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@GoneButNotForgotten   you might want to consider a faux nose ring. There are many that clip on or use magnets to keep them in place.


That way you can have the look without doing anything permanent or painful.