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Can anyone please tell me why Honora so rarely offers its bracelets and watches in size Small? I'll often try their Average size, hoping for a break, but even they seem quite oversized for an Average. I would so love to match my Honora jewelry with matching bracelets and especially watches, but they're locked into offering only sizes Average (which is really quite large), and Large.

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Re: No Size Small Bracelets?

I don't know about Honora, but the size small bracelets I've seen presented on QVC say they're for a 6 1/2" wrist, which seems average to me. My wrist is 5 1/2". They never show any bracelets that would not fall off of my wrist. I've ordered them before, and they just don't work.

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Re: No Size Small Bracelets?

I have very small wrists and ring sizes and I agree. I have found that if they use the extra large clasp then I can at least clip that on to another link in the bracelet an attach a charm to the end of it. It seems to me that QVC has changed the sizing in bracelets. I am always looking for the size large for gifts for my daughter in law and it's difficult to find an 8"" .

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Re: No Size Small Bracelets?

Honora don't cater to smaller sizes in necklaces either. It's rare they have a 17", let alone a 16" length.