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Re: No More 8 Inch Bracelets?

On 3/10/2015 Sammycat1 said:

Blingie, it's like with the TSV in December, the 118-facet one. They said it was 7 3/4; however, it fit just like all of my 8 inch bracelets of hers. I wonder if it's "vanity sizing" used by the company that bought her out.

In the beginning when Judith was on the Q, there was really no such thing as a "large" bracelet, especially in the cuffs. There were 2 sizes, and sometimes they called the bigger one "large" -- but that larger size then would be a medium today.

If that is how it fits then I'll be ok. Have to say this is just the thinking stage right now. I paid off all my Visa cards and not sure if I want another high bill to pay off. Thinking, thinking, thinking, lol.
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Re: No More 8 Inch Bracelets?

I just bought her 8" Square cut diamonique bracelet (Shawn's bracelet) after wanting it forever! Turns out it's actually only 7 1/2! My wrist is a flat 7" but I like the drape. It fit more like a 7 1/4" because it's a thicker bracelet.

I LOVED THAT BRACELET!~ I'm heartbroken because I sent it back to QVC yesterday. I had two strong "clicks" closing it, one from the tongue going into the lock, and a second one taking the little bar and closing it under the clasp. BUT, I wore the bracelet non stop for over a week (except to sleep or shower) and the little locking bar is getting loose... now slopping side to side prior to locking it. I know from all the reviews that this is not a good sign on a $430 bracelet!!

Very sad to have sent it back but for the price of that bracelet the clasps should work very well AND it should make coffee.

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Re: No More 8 Inch Bracelets?

I hope 6-3/4"" isn't going away! They fit me so perfectly it's like she made them just for me.