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Re: Nikki Stanzione leaving Shop LC

I've known Nikki was very knowledgeable about jewelry and she's an attractive woman but sometimes people adapt themselves and their presentation style to their current surroundings. I've never done that. Don't believe in changing myself to fit someone else's ideal. Back to Nikki - she is bringing her "A" game. She looks very pretty and polished. Perhaps this will be a good move after all.



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Re: Nikki Stanzione leaving Shop LC

Beautifully said
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Re: Nikki Stanzione leaving Shop LC

She had spunk.  Good luck to her.



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Re: Nikki Stanzione leaving Shop LC

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@depglass wrote:

I didn't even notice the clearance prices on Jambu at HQ.  I really haven't been watching them much at all lately.  The unraveling of the Three Amigos started my downward spiral.  Betcha Victoria Wieck is thinking she made a bad choice for a new home.  I used to be glued to their jewelry programming.

I loved shophq. They have changed hosts and vendors I do not watch anymore. I love One World which do not seem to be on much.  I just go online to see what they have.  I am not sure Victoria Wieck is still on there.  I know her inventory is.  Several times I have turned to it because program guide said she was on and it is  usually the Debrows.  Pamela Meccoy seems to be on a lot but I am not interested in her pieces.  Their jewelry programming use to be really enjoyable to watch.

I do think Nikki is a good hostSmiley Happy