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Re: New tassell necklace is much prettier then LR and it is Gold.

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My we do get sensitive whenever LR is mentioned. I agree that the post only did a comparison. If you wanted to buy the LR necklace but thought it too much to spend, wouldn't you want to know that there was a similar piece and more affordable?  I say this is comparison shopping. Thanks for The post. 




I agree and there are many of us who can't wear some metals in jewelry.


I can't wear costume jewelry metals or silver, I break out in a painful, oozy rash. I can only wear gold, any color, any carat weight


I can't buy pieces that are gold plated because it eventually wears off or is too thin to prevent the underlying metal from leeching through to my skin and causing that rash.

I can't buy anything but gold either - I've tried but I want to rip my skin off I get such a bad rash.  I can't even wear 10K without breaking out - I guess that too has alloys in it that affect me.  Needless to say I don't have much jewelry, but do occasionally buy a small piece of gold jewelry.  I bought the Eternagold tassel necklace yesterday on the flash sale.  Looked nice on the model - not holding my breath, but well worth the price if it is decent.

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Re: New tassell necklace is much prettier then LR and it is Gold.

Pretty piece, but, at that gram weight, it's going to be far more delicate than it appears in that picture.  


I'm average sized, but, I have a larger neckline. Something this small, wouldn't look good.  I'm thinking this is a piece that would be great for the petite ladies!