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New Pieces Up for Jewelry Event

For anyone interested there are new pieces up online in inventory ranging from very expensive Effy gem pieces to some reasonably priced Honora selections.  I just bought J429809 - a Honora ringed pearl bracelet in the silver choice with black, gray & white pearls.  I have a Honora necklace in sterling with gray pearls and it's very pretty.  I am very lucky - my husband recently bought me a multi-color pearl ring for my birthday (which I still haven't seen yet in person since my birthday is right before Christmas) and the bracelet will coordinate.  Smiley Happy


I know there was a poster who was interested in the JAI Christmas tree ring - it's up and also comes in different choices featuring different gems  J429763.  From the pictures it looks like there will be coordinating pieces too.


If you're a jewelry person like me you enjoy these events whether you buy or not!



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Re: New Pieces Up for Jewelry Event

thanks for the item # @nova I took a look and most sizes are already on waitlist. Oh well, I don't need it but it was fun to look at it.


I will probably tune in for some of the jewelry shows even if I don't buy because I like jewelry!

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Re: New Pieces Up for Jewelry Event

Thanks, Nova. I was looking for the Christmas tree bracelet and don’t see it. I guess I’ll just have to keep checking. 🎄😀
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Re: New Pieces Up for Jewelry Event

I just discovered Julie Voss. It's fashion. I like the bangles.