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New Diamonique designs 14K

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Has anyone else noticed  many new Diamonique earring designs in 14K gold ?

I've been looking  , however have noticed  the earring  lengths are very short  very very tiny stones . I like that they have new designs  with 14K gold  with pearls and Diamonique but the dangle earring are the size a child would wear  or someone who likes extra small earrings . When I travel  I prefer the imitation earrings incase I loose  an earring or leave something behind by mistake. In my opinion  many of the other Diamonique earrings in  silver covered with gold  have  styles  to big to be believable .

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Re: New Diamonique designs 14K



Ebay is a good source for Diamonique. When I purchase jewelry for resale many times shopping channel jewelry has never been worn and new in box.