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New Barbara Bixby black pearls --------are PURPLE ??????

Just got my new pearls from BB, so excited to open them up, and when I did, saw that they are not black at all, but a deep plummy eggplant color...strange. Have some other black pearls and know that they have tones of other colors (my other strands have a little greenish violet cast to them) but you can still tell they are black...these don't seem to have any black to going to try them with my rhodolite cross and see how they are, but have a feeling they are going back...the sad thing is I cancelled my lilac pearls (which were finally in process after waiting for so long, because didn't think I needed two more strands and thought I would like the black better....) of well, such is least Judith is coming on thursday, so if I return these will have that much extra to spend. hmmmmmm feeling better already.Cool