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Re: Name a piece of unworn QVC jewelry

QVC jewelry I've not worn?? I literally have vaults of it. Ha! Guess you could call me a real jewelry collector...most people would call me an idiot! But I don't care. I truly love my pieces and love just even looking at them. I spend very, very little money on clothes, shoes, or handbags. Isn't that weird? But I love me some baubles and bangles and beads!!!   

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Re: Name a piece of unworn QVC jewelry

Kinda sorta jewelry but I have lots of Quacker Factory button covers stashed that I will never use!  I got rid of the tops they came with long ago, but must have forgotten I had the button covers in my jewelry box until I was looking for something else.  They were beautifully detailed pieces but I've never been a button cover girl and never will be. 

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Re: Name a piece of unworn QVC jewelry

I still have a lot of the Quacker Factory button covers too. I found a new use for many of them...remove the button attachment piece and hot glue a piece of magnet tape to the decorative part ..... cute refrigerator magnets!! I use some and have given some as stocking stuffer gifts...always well received!!!

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Re: Name a piece of unworn QVC jewelry

Great thread! I have more than one piece of QVC jewelry I've never worn. Some I guess are like art objects to me, too, as a previous poster said. I will toss clothing and some handbags but NEVER any jewelry.


I have the bracelet shown in the picture! As LR said I love, love, love it. I don't regret buying it.....have worn it once....and I took off the egg charm to do that. I think I know where I've "hidden" it and I'll take it out tonignt to look at. Probably won't wear it though, lol.


Two pieces that I love but have never worn are the JR rolling bracelet in the rose gold clad and the circle dew drop bracelet also in rose gold clad. I look at them a lot and I love them......but never ever wear them....why not? No idea.


Shout out to the poster that didn't like the JR rolling bracelet. I love it. I have three in the silver, one in the gold clad and as I said one in the rose clad. I wear two of the silver, have never worn the third, have worn the gold clad once.....but I'm glad I have them all! Bought the necklace last year and will finally wear it to my office holiday party.....


Try pairing the bracelet with another one. The silver version darkens and looks (at least to me) like platinum. I also wear one with a small Eterna Gold white rolo bracelet.


Oh no, I'm beginning to remember more that I'vee never worn....where did I hide them....Smiley Very Happy



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Re: Name a piece of unworn QVC jewelry

They used to sell some Ross-Simon jewelry here.  I have a pair of Citrine and turquoise dangle earrings.  Kinda fancy for every day use.

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Re: Name a piece of unworn QVC jewelry

Joan Rivers necklaces.  They were auto delivery years ago.  You could wear as they came, or twist into torsade.  I have three, only ever wore one!  They are beautiful and well made...maybe some day...

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Re: Name a piece of unworn QVC jewelry

I think I have the Ross-Simon earrings mine are 14K gold, east west oval citrine stones with small turquise stones that dangle at the bottom.  Love them and still wear them frequently.  I have always worn every new piece of jewelry immediately.  A new piece is so much fun.

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Re: Name a piece of unworn QVC jewelry

@Thebig I wrote:

Mine is from Lisa days too, trying to post pic from ipad shortly.


Image may contain: one or more people

 Image may contain: one or more people


I have that bracelet with the turquoise and tiger eye.  I don't wear it often and it is not my usual style but fun.


I have a few Joan Rivers Bee pins and two large floral pins j345983 and j349643 that I bought just because I thought they were art, sort of like Jay Strongwater pieces. 


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Re: Name a piece of unworn QVC jewelry

RLM sterling silver tablet ring.  Don't care for it, never wore it, never sent it back. 

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Re: Name a piece of unworn QVC jewelry

I have a piece of unworn QVC jewelry, a Steel by Design charm leather bracelet.  It's unworn because the leather cord was not good quality and it broke.  Sent it back for another one and it did the same thing.  😧


Can't imagine buying a piece of jewelry and then stashing it away.   🤔  If I'm not going to wear it, why buy it?  Seems like a waste.  I usually wear new pieces of jewelry right away then rotate it with my other pieces.